We are all witness to the increased need for outsourcing of IT services, especially in the iGaming industry.

We are highly flexible and offer extensive knowledge in system development, meaning we can take care of the outsourcing of various innovative iGaming features including coding, maintenance, R&D and much more.

We are always composed and ready to help. In case a partner with a full dev roadmap finds a sudden and crucial need for new products, we are immediately on hand to deliver the necessary services via bespoke APIs.

iGaming business outsourcing iGaming business outsourcing


iGaming Features development

iGaming Features Development

We believe in a flexible service, and that’s why we listen to you and your needs. Want the latest innovative products to expand your iGaming services? Bespoke coding, maintenance and upgrading of existing software, we’ve got you! Just let us know what you need, and we’ll sort it out!

Research and development

Research and Development

Our R&D skills are without equal, let us know what you want. No matter how big the dream is, we will make sure we can code it for you. Want to change the iGaming world? So do we!

Let's get down to business!